Fantasy Quest

fantasy quest, tina gerow

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Astiria Petrey wants nothing more than to lay on a sandy beach reading a good book at the exclusive Fantasy resort. Pestered by dumb jocks in tight shorts, Astiria decides to play the hotel’s role-playing computer game – Fantasy Quest. Only the game is more than she could ever imagine!

As soon as Astiria creates her perfect man-an online Warrior named Lerik, she is sucked through a portal to the mythical Verrath to meet him. There, Astiria must do battle against a host of trials.

If she is unable to succeed, Astiria becomes property of Marsoon, the Goblin King.

Accompanied by a real live gargoyle named Max, and Lerik, the sexy warrior she created from her wildest fantasies, Astiria must discover herself in order to not only win the game, but make her way back home.

Only then can she realize that true love awaits, if only she believes…

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Reviews & Buzz:

Warriors Gone Wild is a perfect anthology to steam up those crisp, autumn nights. What woman doesn’t fantasize about big, buff warriors who sweep them off their feet, are sizzling with sensuality and will fight to the death to protect them? In all the stories the males of most definitely Alpha! But the heroines hold their own – kicking as much butt as the men! The sex scenes are positively sizzling! This reviewers favourite tale is Fantasy Quest – the concept of being swept into a video game that is written extremely well by Tina Gerow. Lerik is a hero to die for, but Max the loveable gargoyle steals the show.

If you are looking for a book full of fantasy stories with courageous, yet, normal heroines and sexy Alphas, then look no further than Warriors Gone Wild!

– Donna, A Romance Review (4 Roses)

Tina Gerow is an absolutely delightful author. If you’ve read either book in her Maiden series, you’re in for an immediate chuckle as soon as you start Fantasy Quest. I was completely captivated by the characters in Fantasy Quest and amazed by Ms. Gerow’s creativity. Astiria’s insecurities and Lerik’s ability to alleviate them brought balance to their relationship.- Two Lips Reviews


“More fucking goblins!”
Lerik’s brow furrowed at the sweet female voice. Apparently, his consort could curse like a common serving wench. He turned his head to see how she fared, and the sight made him freeze with shock.
She kneed one goblin in the crotch and when he crouched to grab his tender bits, she elbowed him in the face, causing a spurt of green blood from his nose. Meanwhile, Max had set about taking large bites out of any goblin ankles that came too close to his lady.
Pain sizzled through Lerik’s head and, as if from a distance, he felt himself fall to his knees in the sand. Only years of hardened battle and instincts had him swinging his sword out in a wide arc until screams of pain accompanied slight resistance as his sword met goblin flesh.
He turned his head to check for more attackers, and the world swam in front of him.
Then Max was licking his face in large enthusiastic motions.
“Must heal Lerik, Astiria,” Max said in between slobbery licks. “Must leave Marsoon before more goblins come.”
Max’s words sounded very far away, even though the fuzzy warmth of the gargoyle pressed against Lerik’s chest.
“I don’t know how to heal him, Max.” Astiria’s words were husky and low making Lerik smile through his pain. “On the computer there’s a button I click to heal someone. Can we get him onto his horse like this?”
“Astiria must! She choose healer in game options. Here in Verrath, Astiria can heal.” Max’s weight moved off Lerik’s chest and cool feminine hands settled over his forehead, beating back the pain. “Put hands on Lerik. Picture him healthy inside Astiria’s head.”
“Shit. Why couldn’t I have chosen something I actually know how to do in reality?”
Lerik’s lips quirked at the curse, and then she moved her hands over his skin leaving behind a trail of liquid heat that had nothing to do with healing. His erection strained against his already uncomfortable trousers, and he groaned.
“Crap, Max. I hurt him.”
Lerik opened his mouth to explain, but no words came out, and she swam unsteadily in his line of sight.
She puffed out a breath fluttering her red mass of hair and then repositioned her hands and closed her eyes.
Lerik allowed his own eyes to drift closed as the familiar warm tingling of magical healing teased at his senses. It wasn’t the full healing rush he was used to from other healers⎯it was obvious this was her first time using her new powers. However, as his headache cleared, he was able to open his eyes without the world spinning.
His consort still knelt over him, her eyes closed, sweat beading over her forehead while her lips silently chanted unknown words. Lerik pushed himself up to a sitting position and grabbed her wrists in his hands.
Her green eyes popped open, widening in shock as he dragged her forward into his embrace. A small squeak broke from her throat as his lips closed over hers.
Fissions of fire flashed between them as he dipped his tongue inside the plush paradise of her mouth. She tasted of ale and something he couldn’t quite identify.
Lerik swallowed her moan as she buried her fingers in his hair, dislodging his leather tie and spilling his hair over his shoulders.
Tentative at first, soon she met his tongue thrust for thrust and plastered each of her full curves fully against him.
A small growl from Max brought Lerik out of the haze of passion, as if he’d surfaced from a very deep lake. He reluctantly pulled away from her, holding her at arm’s length. When she opened her eyes, they were the color of the deepest green leaves in the enchanted Forest of Baltaise. Her well-kissed lips tempted him, but he quickly reminded himself that they would have a lifetime to finish such things.
“Thank you for healing me…Astiria.”

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5.0 out of 5 stars Fantasy Gamer’s Delight, February 28, 2012
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This review is from: Fantasy Quest (Kindle Edition)

The story has a clever plot melding the characters from the real world into a fantasy one. Sexy, a page turner, and overall an enjoyable read. Love the whole idea and wish it could be reality.

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