Stone Maiden

stone maiden, tina gerow

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In Stone Maiden, Ariel Knight, a nine-hundred year old gargoyle and ex-warrior for God opens a present-day bodyguard agency with her three sisters. At the request of the Angel Gabriel, they take on protecting Logan McAllister, playboy country music songwriter, who has suddenly become a prime target for all of the evil supernatural beings in the area. While Ariel tries to unravel who is behind the mysterious attacks, she is also battling a growing affection and attraction for him. To make matters worse, Logan’s business manager turns out to be a master vampire who broke her heart two centuries ago and still seems to have feelings for her. Nothing like finding out your lover is a soulless bloodsucker to ruin a relationship.

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Desert Rose Golden Quill FinalistECata Romance Reviewer’s Choice Award – 2006

Desert Rose Golden Quill Finalist – 2006


“This was a fantastic read. It had action, comedy, hot love making and the best part…it read so smooth it went down like the richest chocolate. Ms. Gerow peppers the story with witty comments that make you smile or laugh out load. The characters are rich in their admirable traits and balanced by their imperfections. The reader falls in love with both of them as they continue to read and that makes this story an incredible read. The other fantastic thing in this story is the potential for a sequel. Ms. Gerow introduces many secondary characters that you fall in love with too. Hopefully, she will work on several sequels, particularly with regards to James, the Dark Redeemer.”

– Teri from Romance Junkies

“Tina Gerow has done a fantastic job with world building! Gargoyles appear very real and she provides a rather unique and believable background for their existence. The variety of supernatural beings in STONE MAIDEN is impressive and also includes vampires, zombies, succubi, and even a rokurokubi (Japanese goblin). Paranormal fans will be delighted with the mixture without being overwhelmed. STONE MAIDEN is an incredible start to what appears to be a fabulous series. Tina Gerow is obviously a very talented writer and she expertly combines action, romance, and the paranormal to create a book that readers will not want to put down. FIRE MAIDEN is the second book in the series and this reviewer cannot wait to read it! STONE MAIDEN is a compelling read and one that will belong on any paranormal reader’s keeper shelf. Tina Gerow has woven an intricate storyline that will leave readers begging to know when the next book will be out. Highly recommended!”



“Take your hand off me, or I’ll remove it and several other of your favorite appendages.”
Ariel Knight stood toe to toe with the Goliath blocking her way and stared him down. She’d faced hellhounds, demons, vampires, and all manner of scary beasties in her time. One oversized cowboy with a chip on his shoulder didn’t even cause her to bat an eyelash.
“Now, sweetheart, you’re not wanted here, so why don’t you just go on back to wherever it is you came from.”
His gravelly voice reminded her of the sound her car made when she didn’t add oil for too long. And the “sweetheart” grated on her nerves. She took a breath, calming her simmering temper and tried to use her most professional voice along with her sweetest smile. “This is the last time I’m going to warn you, Jeb. I have an appointment with Logan McAllister, and no one is going to scare me off.” From her background check of Mr. McAllister, she knew Jeb was a former bouncer and Logan’s horse trainer and sometimes security man.
If this is any indication of his people skills, he needs to stick to the horses.
His deep chuckle reverberated around her. “You’ve got spunk, I’ll give you that, but you’re no match for me and we both know it. So, this is the last time I’ll ask you to leave before I help you out the door.” His lascivious gaze slid over her like an oily caress. “And believe me, that won’t be a hardship.”
Dream on, big boy. I’ve been leered at by far scarier things than you.
Quick as lighting, Ariel grabbed Jeb’s wrist. Twisting it back at a painful angle, she used leverage to drive him to his knees and then locking his hand up behind his head, she applied more pressure to keep him there.
The door in front of her flew open and a man right out of her fantasies stepped through and then stopped short as if he’d slammed into a solid wall. He stared at the scene in front of him openmouthed as if still trying to comprehend what he saw. Ariel took the opportunity to study him right back.
He stood before her, six foot plus of golden muscular delight topped by gently waving sandy blonde hair and piercing blue-gray eyes the color of the sea after a storm.
Jeb’s whimper brought her back from her male inventory. She glanced down to see her captive’s eyes watering from pain. “I tried to ask you nicely,” she reminded him.
The intensity of the scrutiny from the blue-gray eyes burned through her skin until she glanced up. The passion swimming in the fevered depths hit her like a physical blow. It zinged through her, touching off small sparks of awareness throughout her body and causing heat to pool between her legs. She sucked in a breath, fighting not to drown in the sexual buffet of sensations assaulting her. Closing here eyes for a moment, she allowed two hundred years of training to return her to her calm center.
Ariel stood stock still as he completed his slow inventory. And if his hungry gaze was any determination, he liked what he saw. A flicker of pure female delight flowed through her until she reined it in.
Get your mind out of your crotch!
She’d even worn her business skirt and blazer to appear professional, but they way he looked at her gave images of him peeling her out of it to discover what secrets she hid underneath, which blew the whole professional image out the window.
“You must be Mr. McAllister,” she said, breaking him out of his inventory.
“Yes,” he said finally and reached out to shake her outstretched free hand.
“I’m Ariel Knight. I believe we have an appointment?”

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5.0 out of 5 stars Buy It! You Will Be Glad You Did., August 12, 2012

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This review is from: Stone Maiden (Kindle Edition)

Stone Maiden is one of the best fantasies I have ever read! The story of the Gargoyles brings both laughter and tears and page after page of great reading. Its fantasy-paranormal at its best.
Out of the thousands of books I have read from many genre’s, Stone Maiden now rankes as the #1 book in my heart. The charactors are all so real. The story line flows seamlessly and is excellently written.
Than you Tina for having written a book that has truly touched my heart.

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