Take It Off

take it off, tina gerow

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When Samantha Ryan receives a call from her mother, asking her to come home and run the family business–a real live Nevada brothel–she’s not thrilled about it, but she agrees. Realizing that her final night out with her friends will be the last for a while, Samantha takes the opportunity presented to her in the form of Chase Hanson.

Chase had his eye on the beautiful brunette all night and when she asks to go home with him, he takes her home and experiences the most mind-blowing sex of his life. The next day, they part, with Samantha saying she’ll be out of town assisting her mother for a while, but that she’ll call. He feels as if they really made a connection and desperately hopes that she’ll call. Meanwhile, he’s still forced to fulfill a prior obligation and heads out of town to a brothel to celebrate his buddy’s bachelor party.

When they find each other at the brothel, conclusions abound. Can these two work out their differences?

Reviews & Buzz:

“First let me say, thank you, Ms. Gerow for the scorching hot cover! I fear that I’ve become a Tina Gerow junkie and Take It Off is a perfect example as to why. The chemistry between Samantha and Chase is HOT and ignites the pages. Rarely have I read love scenes that are hotter so you might want to have a bucket of ice and a dry pair of panties nearby when you read this sexy story. Not only is Take It Off hot, it’s sweet and funny. Tina Gerow’s creativity will have you laughing out loud and turning each page just to see what she’s come up with next! My only regret was that this story wasn’t longer!”

– Kerin, Two-Lips Reviews (Five Lips)

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The front of The House wasn’t anything like Chase had imagined a modern-day brothel would look like. It was a well-kept white three-story mansion that looked almost stately. The grounds were flowing and green and bright flowers edged the wrap around porch. The front balcony held a porch swing, which swung lightly in the breeze.
“Not sure what I expected,” Jake said, echoing Chase’s thoughts. “But something more garish, I guess. This looks like a mansion in a well to do neighborhood.”
Chase agreed. “Let’s go on in, we’re probably the last two to arrive.”
Inside the large double front doors was a spacious sitting area that led back to what appeared to be a reception desk. A striking buxom blonde stood behind the desk in welcome. She wore a red wrap around top, which accentuated her full cleavage and matching fitted pants that flowed to her shapely calves. Even with her stiletto heels, she barely reached both men’s shoulders.
“Good afternoon, gentlemen. Are you here with the Benson party?” Her voice was soft and sultry, an invitation any man would recognize.
Jake stepped forward. “Yes, ma’am. I’m Jake Benson. This is my best man, Chase Hanson.”
She smiled, her perfectly sculpted lips painted a soft pink. “The others are already in the Sun Room. Please follow me, gentlemen.”
Inside the Sun Room, ten of Jake’s other friends milled around with drinks in their hands talking to beautiful exotic women. They all turned toward Jake when he entered and greeted he and Chase with toasts and hearty welcomes.
Just then, a familiar voice from behind him chilled Chase’s blood.
“Welcome to The House, gentlemen. I’d like to go over a few ground rules for tonight, if I could have your attention.”
Chase turned, icy tendrils of dread scraped down his spine at what he knew he would find. Samantha…
She was a prostitute? A professional. No wonder she’d rocked his world last night. How stupid had he been to think there had been a connection between them. He was just an off duty fuck for her.
He knew the minute she recognized him. Her words faltered for only a second when his gaze met her beautiful hazel one, and then she continued.
“Dinner will be served momentarily and the bar will be open for the duration. Anything goes between consenting adults, however, condoms are a requirement in any and all activities. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.” She gestured to encompass the entire room. “Enjoy your evening, gentlemen.” She pointedly looked anywhere but toward Chase as she retreated to the far side of the room to confer with the chef.
“Chase,” Jake asked from beside him. “Are you all right, man? You look like you’ve just lost your first Supreme Court case.”
“Samantha…” His eyes still tracked her progress as she finished her conversation with the chef and moved on to the bartender.
“That brunette Goddess who just welcomed everyone?” Jake slapped Chase on the back. “Damn, boy. No wonder you can’t take your mind off her. She’s hot…” Jake’s words trailed off as he realized what he was saying. “Oh, God, I’m sorry, man. You didn’t know she was a…”
Chase held up his hand to stop Jake’s words. “No, I didn’t know. She told me she was going out of town to help her mother. And I fell for it.”
Jake placed a companionable hand on his friend’s shoulder. “Well, we can choose any woman here we want, or several for that matter. My father paid for everything in advance. So, go fuck her out of your system, man.”
Anger replaced hurt and then ego and temper sparked. “You’re right. That’s got to be it. I just need to fuck her in every position possible until she’s out of my system. Treat her like the whore she is.” The words burned in his throat as the image of the woman he’d been obsessing over crumbled away and in its place was the prostitute who played him for a fool.

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5.0 out of 5 stars best 34 page book I have read, June 15, 2012
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This review is from: Take It Off (Kindle Edition)

I normally don’t read these really short novella’s but gave this one a chance and glad I did. For only 34 pages it was a great story, it even felt longer. It had a plot and great dialogue. This short story was about Chase who meets Samantha and they have a one night stand but both feel more for each other. Samantha gets a call from her estranged mother who owns & runs a brothel in Neveda, she has cancer and needs Samantha to run the brothel while she has treatment. She leaves Chase’s bed the next morning to help her mom as much as she doesn’t want to. Chase was already planning for his best friends bachelor party the next night at a brothel, that he is no longer looking forward to because he can’t stop thinking about Samantha. What a surprise to them both when he shows up and she is running the show. They both make assumptions about each other. She has a little plan to give him a taste of his own medicine and he realizes he needs to get this girl back in his life.

For such a short book I was fully satisfied and felt like it was a full story. The sex was hot, the characters were all likable and the story even touched a little on mother / daughter relationship. I was extremely impressed for only 34 pages. I highly recommend. I would even pay for this one. I will look more for this author. Perfect book for your lunch break and short read before bed.

5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome!, January 1, 2013
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This review is from: Take It Off (Kindle Edition)

I wish there was more. I just may have to go jump my hubby! When you read this you may want to have a toy or partner to play with.

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