Tina speaks on a variety of subjects and teaches several online classes.

Upcoming online classes:

• 11/17/14 – 11/30/14 – Writing Love Scenes – at Savvy Authors

Some Talks Tina has done in the past:

  • Living the Life of a Writer:  Is It All Really Glamor & Bon Bons?
  • Gargoyles, Shifters, Succubus & More:  Writing Believable Non Humans
  • Sex!  On Writing Hot!
  • Settings for Paranormal Stories
  • Plotting:  The Right Way, The Wrong Way & What Works for You
  • I’m Back from Writing Conference:  What Do I Do Now?
  • How To Promote Yourself & Not Just Your Book
  • Using Corporate America Know How & Goal Setting to Reach Your Dreams
  • Submitting:  How to Use the Rule of 10 to Maximize Your Chance of Getting to YES!

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